My Background

As a Christian, I have learned from the book of Genesis that the Almighty is the creator of all the amazing creatures that populate this planet. As a young boy, I would wander the woods finding wood turtles and spotted turtles and have always found the natural world far more amazing than the man created world. The creation has always spoken volumes to me of the fact that only the Living God could have created such a myriad of incredible creatures.

Photography as a Hobby

To photograph the amazing creatures that you will find in this website has been a pure joy.  Photography really surpasses the realm of hobby, for it takes one into an event in the dimension of time.  It forever captures what took place in the amazing realm of nature.

Sharing Stories

When I was in High School, I had a Biology teacher who was a bird-watcher.  On a whim, a friend and I went bird watching and the first bird that caught my attention was a brilliantly colored Scarlet Tanager.  The sun was beaming down on his amazing feathers.  He was absolutely amazing. Shortly after that, we came upon a Barred Owl and from that moment until the present time I have been amazed at the incredible realm of birds.  It is my sincere hope that as you look upon these photographs the same amazement will come to you

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